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CBD Vape Oil Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Why are people vaping CBD oil? After all, cannabidiol isn’t the compound for people chasing a high. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, even when vaped, doesn’t cause psychoactive intoxication. Under almost all circumstances, the only immediate and noticeable effect after taking CBD is a mild sense of relaxation.

Like other CBD oil supplements, CBD vape oil has many medicinal benefits covering a wide variety of health issues. The difference between vaping CBD and other methods of administration is the change in bioavailability or the rate at which it is absorbed into the body’s circulatory system.

Unfortunately, the sparse literature available on the topic of CBD bioavailability suggests that it is naturally low. This means that under most circumstances, only a little ingested CBD will cross into the circulatory system.

Although there are some complex processes through which CBD is rendered more bioavailable, they are expensive and technically advanced, which makes them a nonviable option for most producers and users.

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For more information on CBD supplements with improved bioavailability, check outCBD Liposomal Cannabidiolproducts from SOL*CBD.

However, for those searching for CBD options with better absorption, CBD vape oil is a great option. Why does vaping CBD make it more bioavailable than standard supplements?

When ingested, CBD needs to be processed by the digestive tract and liver before it enters the bloodstream. Very simply put, vaping CBD oil allows the compounds to be dispersed immediately into your bloodstream much faster via your lungs than any other method of administration, except for intravenous delivery. [6]

What Are the Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil?

Speaking of medicinal benefits to CBD vape oil—what are they? Whatever the route of administration, the potential health benefits of CBD remain the same. #https://www.justcbdstore.com# The Best CBD LOTION from JustCBDThere are already a large number of preliminary studies into CBD, but the FDA has only approved one CBD-based antiepileptic for medicinal use thus far. Therefore, despite the initial research and the substantial anecdotal evidence, we only can discuss the medicinal potential of CBD. [1]

With that being said, CBD’s current potential is being explored for the following health issues, and the results are encouraging:

…and many more. [2]

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Is CBD Vape Oil Legal?

The answer to this question is more nuanced than a simple yes or no. It ultimately depends on where the CBD oil is sourced.

The U.S. government has two classifications for cannabis. Both medical and recreational marijuana are classified as Schedule I Drugs by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), with the exception of CBD. This cannabinoid’s DEA classification to a Schedule II or III drug seems imminent. On the other hand, hemp is regulated as a legal agricultural product. [4]

What’s the difference between these two separate areas of regulation? It all comes down to the THC content. Although the use of cannabis containing THC is becoming legal in more and more states, the federal government still demonizes it. In contrast, hemp is legal across the United States and in 45 countries around the world. It’s regularly imported and exported, and it is the basis for many medicinal products.

Although the CBD cannabinoid can easily be sourced from both marijuana or hemp, it’s only legally available if derived from a hemp source. When cultivated for CBD content, hemp contains significant CBD, despite what some sources report online.

Coming back to vaping CBD oil, the answer is based on the source. There is a chance CBD sourced from marijuana will contain a measurable amount of THC, thus making it psychoactive and illegal under federal law. However, when CBD vape oil is sourced from hemp, there are no legal loopholes to jump through, as hemp-based CBD vape oil is legal across the country.

Are There Any Risks to Vaping?

Vaping as a substitute for smoking remains a controversial topic, but studies seem to suggest that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. One general concern is that vaping is a gateway to smoking or even real drug use—yet there’s evidence that this notion is not based on fact.

In a recent article comparing the e-cigarette risks of increased smoking initiation with the potential benefits of increasing smoking cessation, the authors concluded: “Our analysis strongly suggests that the upside health benefit associated with e-cigarettes, in terms of their potential to increase adult smoking cessation, exceeds their downside risk to health as a result of their possibly increasing the number of youthful smoking initiators.” [7]

So, despite vaping still being the new (and under-researched) inhalation method on the block, it doesn’t seem to be as harmful as smoking.

And anyway, CBD has been shown to reduce consumption in tobacco smokers, so this should really not be a great concern for prospective CBD oil vapers. [3]

Still, the increasing popularity of vaping, CBD or otherwise, has led to increasing calls for regulation. The explosive growth of the vaping industry has outpaced federal regulation, and questions remain about the safety of the juice ingredients and the possible effects of inhaling CBD. Because vaping remains a relatively new form of ingesting medicinal compounds like CBD, there is unclarity about the long-term health effects.

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However, it is conceivable that the safety of CBD vape oil largely depends on the ingredients other than CBD in the vape juice. Current research has uncovered little reason to be concerned about cannabidiol as a compound—the side effects are rare and low risk, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) pre-review report. [2]

In particular, vaping forums recommend avoiding certain ingredients, such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin. These components have been linked to some pretty serious health issues, such as severe bronchitis. Also, while many ingredients currently used in vape juices have been proven safe when ingested, there is little information available regarding whether they are safe when inhaled. Be sure to investigate the ingredients of your CBD vape oil before use. Always source the highest quality CBD vape oil from a reputable company. [5]

Where to Find Quality Vape Oil

So, despite the flooded CBD vape oil market, there is at least one source of CBD oil you can trust. SOL*CBD uses only quality ingredients for its vape oil, and even more importantly, they do not use any of the problematic ingredients listed above. Like all SOL*CBD products, the CBD vape oil relies on non-GMO, whole-plant hemp to maintain the full integrity of the plant. Vaping CBD oil should never substitute for prescribed medication unless done under the supervision of your prescribing physician.



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