Penny – Los Angeles, CA

“My family loves our dogs the way we love our children. Since the moment we got our dog, Penny, she became a part of the family. Penny is now almost 13 years-old. She is still happy, playful, and full of life but over the past year we noticed her back legs were starting to give out. We started giving her fish oil in hopes it would help but it only continued to get worse. She had even more difficulty getting up and it broke out hearts to see her struggle. CBD gummy bears

A friend told me how they started using VETCBD and it did wonders for their dog. We gave it a try, a little reluctant since she is so big but thankfully it worked great!! We noticed she had less difficulty getting up and walking around. cbd vape cartridge honey Amazingly she is now running around and happier than ever! The CBD oil worked wonders and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog in pain!!”

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